Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Puppets and What Not

Making puppets today... these things take FOREVER to make, my film for my alternative strategies final is slowly getting less ambitious.
Made with print outs from photoshop, manilla folders, gold paper, glue, scissors, fishing line and a lighter. My table is a mess.

Heres one of the smaller puppet, lacking most of her face. :

Heres one of the larger puppet, made for close ups. She has a face but it isn't secured and looks a bit silly here :)

The rest of my time is spent animating many different projects. Heres a picture from one of my days in the animation mines:

His face expresses my inner turmoil over the next month of classes. :(


Anonymous said...

this was very interesting... it's always cool to see other expressive mediums, you know? and i've never dealt with puppets so as you can see this was a learning experince for me! =D

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see more of your puppets!!! Could you post more about them and what you're using them for?