Tuesday, June 1, 2010

And We Filled Each Other's Footprints In the Snow

So, I FINALLY got my Cintiq, after many moons of saving :)
I did this as a warm-up today and to get familiar with the feel of the tablet. It ended up kind of interesting, so I thought I'd share it :)
Its inspired by a line in Carina Round's song "Backseat" which goes:

"And we filled each other's footprints in the snow, full of warm, red alcohol. We were learning to make the world stand still, and it will, but until do I lie in the backseat of your mind?"

I think its a beautiful song, and it reminds me of some of the fun times I've had in the past few years of my life :)

(P.S.- The guy in the foreground isn't a stalker, I swear D: )


ren.g said...

nice panel..... feel like movie.

Sjan W said...

VERY nice! great colors too :)
How's the cintiq? I'm thinking of getting one myself..

S-Harkey said...

The Cintiq is AMAZING-
I'm able to blow through projects a lot faster, and its very accurate with its sensitivity and calibration. You should definitely get one when you can :)

Sjan W said...

OK thanks... I think my time has come to get me one :)