Sunday, October 2, 2011

John K Simpsons Couch Gag

Hey Everyone

Well... we're still waiting here on the west coast, but the John K Simpsons couch gag has aired on the east coast now, and I can't contain it anymore....

John Kedzie and I have been working on this couch gag along with John Kricfalusi and Tommy Tanner for the past few months!

Kedzie did all of the CG modeling, the brain animation, and all the tech-guy editing stuff. Tommy and I were assistant animators and worked on inbetweening, clean-up, ink and paint. I also helped paint a couple of the CG models.

Hope you guys liked it, it was awesome working on this! Pretty bitchin' first job out of school!


John K's Blog

John Kedzie's Blog


T-McCandless said...

i've watched it like a bazillion times already! I'm so proud of you two dorks. :)

S-Harkey said...

Thanks! :D Did you see that its on Cartoon Brew? We're so pumped

DarkRoar said...

Wow, congradulations. Being part of the Simpsons and working with John K at the same time. Pretty impressive.

I sometimes come by and check out your blog (although I don't think I usually comment). I was surprised to see your name over at Cartoon Brew for the opening, so I popped over to see if it was the same Sarah Harkey.

Again, congradulations.

S-Harkey said...

Thanks so much! Yeah- I've been extremely lucky, I'm so happy to have gotten to work on the project and to continue working with John K., hes a goofy guy :)

Also, thanks for watching my work! I gotta start posting more, haha

I checked out your blog, cool stuff. I liked your card for your Mum, very cute. Are you in school for art or animation, or is it more of a hobby?

Anonymous said...

Hi S-Harkey.

The animations is really nice. But somehow it reminds me of a (salvia) trip. Especially, the part that starts at 58 secs where Marge is dancing out of the room. Any of you guys uses entheogens?

Jeremiah said...

Excellent work! Congratulations!

DarkRoar said...


Animation is just a hobby; I went to university for computer science and work at a soul crushing bank. :)

I have just been reading books, blogs and experiment on animation. There's still tons of room for improvement, but I've progressed some over the past three years (comparing the animations at the bottom of this page to the later pieces at the top):

Anyway, keep up the good work; I'll be watching to see what you do next. :)

Mauricio said...

Great work on this and nice pin ups as well! I like your work. Cheers!

Wild About Reading said...


Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Harkey

That was truly some fantastic line work! It is fun to see your versatility.

Keep it coming!

Cameron Thompson said...

Congrats! That opening segment was wild! not to mention Awesome!