Friday, June 8, 2012

Our Newest John K Cartoon!

Its up! Check out the Stussy website to see what Kedzie and I have been working on with John K. for the past few months!


You can also check out John K's Blog for more info about the process of the cartoon and some behind the scenes looks!

John Kedzie and I had tons of fun on this-- Kedzie did lots of tech stuff, editing, the CG parts, and the tee-shirt sequence.

I did lots of general animation assisting including in-betweening and clean up as well as painting the backgrounds (minus a few color cards that John K made).

Check out these very talented kiddies that jumped on the project to help us out as the deadline drew nearer!

Geneva Hodgson

Sandra Rivas

Amir Avni

David de Rooij

Ben Anders

And Voices By Our Good Buddies...

Eric Bauza


Jim Smith

Here are a few panning BGs:

And here are a bunch of production stills... but you could just watch the damn cartoon instead!

And finally... they way we all felt when the cartoon was finished!:

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