Friday, July 13, 2012

Draw Challenge Day 1

Going to try to hop on board a draw challenge some friends from Columbia are doing.

Kedzie and I have friends/new roomies moving in from back in Chicago and so things have been real busy and I'm way behind on the challenge... as usual, lol (excuses, excuses).

Also, I pretty much had the same reaction as the drawing below when I realized I drew the wrong topic... lolol

My internet was down when I doodled this this evening and so I couldn't double check the topic list. I was pretty sure it was like a mad scientist or something, so I drew that. Come to find out now that the interwebz are working again that Tim had selected "Scheming Scientist". Facepalm.

Please don't hate me, guys! I'll do better next time, I swear! Please don't fail me! D- for effort?

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