Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Christmas Loot

I can't believe I forgot to share my Christmas loot with everyone. This was an excellent year for loot- here's what I got!

Snow White on BluRay
Princess and the Frog Art Book
Dean Yeagle's Mandy DVD
Tarzan Collector's Edition DVDs
Dish Towels and Pot Holders! (Thanks Mom)
Hard-Cover Travel Sketch Book
Pastel Paper
GIANT Watercolor Moleskine
Tons of awesome pencils and brushes
Adam Hugh's Catwoman Statue
Bill Presing's Sketchbook from France!
Paper Dreams book
Sketch Pad
Pink Plaid Flats
HUGE set of Pastels
The Art of the Disney Princess
Robot Backpack
My first easel! :D

Awesome loot from my wonderful family and Kenny


Anonymous said...

im so jeoulous!!! >:O
all i got was a diamond necklace, which im pretty sure i'll pawn when the kick me out of the house! XD
but have fun with all your new toys! <3


marry me ! you have gorgeous eyes and iguanna!

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. You got Disney artbooks... congratulations ;_;

Chris Roman said...

I got Paper Dreams too! Haven't read through it yet though, it's gigantic!