Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stout Trout Background Copy

Hey guys, update time:

Kedzie and I are working with John K. on some tech support and CG experiments for a project hes currently working on!

Kedzie is doing some CG modeling (might post some progress soon, so check it out if he does!), and I've been working on making a good brush set for painting some classic looking animation backgrounds.

To help me get the right brushes and to start learning about John K.'s style, he suggested that I do some copies of old animation backgrounds and golden book illustrations. I decided to start with something more "simple" and work my way up... but even simple is pretty difficult when you actually turn your brain on and try to figure out why and how the original artist did what he did! It took me awhile to start to understand the colors and shapes, but I think I'm getting there, and starting to understand brush stroke placement.

My copy turned out a bit more stiff (and maybe a little over-worked?) compared to the original, but I think that has a lot to do with this being my first attempt and my working suuuuper slow to try and understand everything. I'll keep doing a few of these each week to help me get faster and understand the color, shapes, and textures of this style.

I really liked making the tree in the foreground, I think I'll be stealing some of those techniques for my personal work!

So anyway, sorry for the book of explanation... heres a BG copy from Yogi Bear "The Stout Trout"

Below is the original, so that you can see what I was working off of. I kinda messed the mountains up composition wise... oops!

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A.M.Bush said...

I think your copy looks really good. I think a lot of people don't want to go through the whole process of trying to really replicate the original BGs using a subtractive method, then they wonder why it's missing a certain quality to it.