Friday, July 15, 2011

And Then Something Terrible Happened

Well... I'm having a shitty week.

I got a flu after going into my first day of work.

I have mystery bills from Chicago piling at my door... Stop billing me for services I no longer have! Ugh!

And now... Picassa (a site I've never logged into) has somehow deleted ALL of my blogger photos. So... I'm slowly going through old posts and replacing the photos. Sorry for the inconvenience, they'll all get fixed eventually as I have the time and find the files.

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Mike Wytrykus said...

Well, Picasa IS where your Blogger pictures get stored, regardless if you've ever actually logged into it. But I'm not sure why it would just up and delete all your images. That's weird. Might have something to do with Google+, as Picasa is also where all your images on there come from.