Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blushing Bride

Here is another commission-- I was asked to create an "Alternative Bride", I chose to try to render a character who seemed otherwise like a typical bride, aside from the leg that is peeking out from behind the slit in her dress. This was a lot of fun, I'd never tried to represent a tattoo before :)

I've been keeping very busy-- and as such I had to stop my daily sketch post :(
I'm really mad at myself, I know there shouldn't be any excuses... I've just been so caught up with commissions and figure drawing and everything. Please, make fun of me until I start them up again... I really need to be peer-pressured into doing this, haha

I WILL finish them, I promise, I don't want to back out.

As usual, the below is watermarked for a reason. Please do not copy, distribute, trace, reference or otherwise use this work.


coNstanza Oroza said...

The drawing looks sexy. Well done!

Amr Okacha said...

the Tattoo in her leg...
sexy & dangerous
like it