Monday, August 23, 2010

Influence Map

I've been busy with commissions and being sick lately.... so I don't have anything new to show off yet, sorry :(
But I did this Art Meme that has been all the rage on DeviantART this week, and thought I would share it here too.


In No Particular Order:

1. Don Bluth:
I loved Bluth's movies as a kid. When I realized who he was as an "adult", I fell in love with his work. Great expressions, very fun animation and design!

2. Mary Blair
Lots of bold colors and shapes, and great textures.

3. Shane Prigmore
I don't know what to say... I love his work. I love the simple shapes, I love his sense of color and design, and I love how much he can convey with a few well places lines and textures.

4. Adam Hughes
Adam is a master at painting a pretty face. I love how he paints his skintones for his ladies, and I adore his attention to detail without over working. I try to remember that less can look like more when I work because of Mr. Hughes.

5. Brittney Lee
Brittney does these amazing sketches that she then turns into paper collage-type sculpture-painting-things, haha
I've seen a lot of artists doing this lately... but something about hers in particular just blow me away. She reminds me to try new things, try new mediums, experiment...

6. Disney Movies
When I've been down and out for a long time, I watch a Disney movie for some artistic inspiration. Usually its The Little Mermaid... but any Disney movie will do. I find my favorite parts and frame through them and try to figure out what makes the scenes so appealing to me: Expressions, Silhouettes, Movement... etc...

7. Dean Yeagle
I just love the exaggerated proportions and how he captures the "ditzy pin-up" look... though he swears up and down that Mandy is intelligent

8. Shedd Aquarium/Museums/Zoos
I live next to the Chicago Museum Campus, so I try to go out and sketch at the Shedd, Field or Lincoln Park Zoo as often as I can. What I learn about shape and form out in "the field" definitely helps later on when I sit down to draw something fully-realized.

9. Nate Wragg/Art Of Books
This particular Mr. Pricklepants is by Nate Wragg, who I love, but represents a greater whole: Art of Books. My boyfriend and I buy them up left and right, and we adore them. They're great inspiration!

10. Chris Sanders
Chris simply draws lovely women and adorable animals/monsters. He also inspired me to learn to watercolor

11. Van Gogh/ Michelangelo/ Da Vinci
I love to look at the greats. I love their sketches, their paintings, their sculptures... very inspiring. I try to remind myself that they started out like the rest of us: with a pencil and a piece of paper.

12. Amanda Conner
Amanda is my role model. She draws wonderful characters with unique expressions... something I need to work on. She's also an awesome and unique person, and a very successful female artist. I hope I'm as cool as her someday.

13. Glen Keane
We all love Glen. If cannibalism were a viable practice, I would throw Vegetarianism to the wind and take a good chunk out of Mr. Keane as to gain his mystical powers.

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